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· Message. Profile. Posted on Sep 30, „C/O“ means „in care of“. So, If John Doe wants mail sent to him at Greg Jones‘ address, he would address the letter as follows: John Smith. c/o Greg Jones. Main St. Anytown, PA. CCIM – Certified Commercial Investment Member. COO or C of O – Certificate of Occupancy. CMA – Comparative Market Analysis. COCR or CCR – Cash on Cash Return. COF – Cost of Funds. CRE – Creative Real Estate. bundestagger.de Category: Real estate Show Real Estate. (4 days ago) Commercial real estate Any multifamily residential, office, industrial, or retail property that can be bought or sold in a real estate market. Common area For lease purposes, the areas of a building (and its site) that are available for the non-exclusive use of all its tenants, such as lobbies, corridors, and parking lots.  · This sounds like you are reading this from a Tax Assessment and that the property is assessed in the name of the Estate and that John Doe is the executor or in charge of the estate. To find out who the owner is, you would have to look at the deed in the Probate Real Estate Records and look at the Estate file in the Probate records and see if there was a will or if the person died intestate (without .

CAM in real estate is a charge that tenants must pay in addition to their base rent to share a portion of a building. Knowing your CAM structure also helps you to determine if a property remains affordable over time. CAM stands for common area maintenance, and CAM charges often appear in commercial leases for spaces in multi-tenant business parks.

When you lease commercial business spaces, you lease a small portion of the property along with other tenants. Each tenant is required to maintain the interior of their space and pay their percentage of monthly CAM charges. The landlord maintains the common areas of a property using the CAM fees they collect each month. Common area maintenance charges may also be anything the landlord and tenant agree to on the CAM charges section of the lease.

A well-written lease with accurate CAM calculations helps the tenant and the landlord to understand what they are responsible for. The lease should clearly list each charge covered by the CAM fee and be verifiable by the tenant. Each landlord and tenant situation is different, and landlords may use different CAM structures depending on their expenses and how long they have owned the property. Here are four types of CAM structures:.

CAM structures are calculated on a pro-rata basis. This means the more square footage a tenant leases, the more CAM expenses they are expected to pay.

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We’re doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we’ll take care of it shortly. Forgot your password? Retrieve it. Style: MLA Chicago APA. STANDS4 LLC, Abbreviation » Term. Term » Abbreviation. Word in Term. Term » Abbr. Font size:. Discuss these Real Estate abbreviations with the community: 0 Comments.

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c o meaning real estate

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In the real estate world, there is no legal title of „co-owner. Joint owners have rights that are defined by the type of ownership method chosen. The term „co-owner“ implies that more than one person has an ownership percentage of the property. Joint ownership, in its three common forms, refines and defines the rights of the co-owners. Co-tenancy is the concept in U. This concept controls the rights and duties of co-owners of real estate, including the transfer of real properties when one owner dies.

In „community property“ states, which applies to married couples, joint ownership applies to all assets in efforts to determine the manner to divide real estate and other hard assets in the event of a divorce. This type of joint ownership means that each co-owner has complete ownership of the property. There is an indivisible percentage, as each person technically owns percent of the real estate.

This allows transfer of title from two or more joint tenants to the surviving owner after the death of the other. Legally important, this joint tenancy feature avoids probate complexities. The ownership of the deceased tenant simply disappears and cannot pass to his heirs, if different from the other co-owner.

c o meaning real estate

Wie funktioniert bitcoin billionaire

We’re doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we’ll take care of it shortly. Forgot your password? Retrieve it. Style: MLA Chicago APA. STANDS4 LLC, Abbreviation » Term. Term » Abbreviation. Word in Term. Term » Abbr. Font size:.

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What was your GCI on that SFH you sold after an exhaustive CMA? Keep reading for a list of abbreviations that should be in the vocabulary of every real estate professional. Short for covenants, conditions and restrictions, CCR refers to rules that signing parties of a property contract must adhere to concerning the purchase or use of a property.

For instance, a CCR is a no-pets rule for tenants of an apartment. Real estate agents conduct a CMA, or comparative market analysis , to help their clients determine an offer or listing price at which to buy or sell a home, respectively. Namely, a CMA involves doing a comparison of on-the-market or recently sold homes in the same geographic area and with similar characteristics of the property up for grabs.

An EMC, or earnest money contract, is the paperwork that accompanies an earnest money deposit that a buyer makes to a seller as a show of good faith in a property transaction. Specifically, the EMC usually includes, at a minimum, the earnest money deposit amount. And any contingencies that would allow a buyer to back out of the sale. For example, a failed home inspection. When homeowners opt to sell their homes themselves rather than with the services of a listing agent, their properties are known as for sale by owner.

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Sort results: alphabetical rank? Note: We have other definitions for COD in our Acronym Attic. Search for COD in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools. What does COD stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 97 meanings. Acronym Finder. Rank Abbr. Meaning COD Chemical Oxygen Demand COD Collect On Delivery COD Cash On Delivery shipping. Note: We have other definitions for COD in our Acronym Attic new search suggest new definition Search for COD in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia.


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Understanding these characteristics and knowing how to control them are important factors in controlling potential future losses. This will not only help to control potential hazards and future losses, but will allow their properties to be shown positively for the insurance community to achieve the best underwriting rate possible. Kevin Phillips. HOME CAREERS CONTACT US. Assurance Assurance Agency, Ltd. Toggle navigation.

Careers Client Sign In Blog Contact Us. SIGN UP FOR OUR MAILING LIST. By Kevin Phillips Posted: August 18, Risk Characteristics that Affect Business Property Insurance Costs C. Construction — refers to the type of building materials used to construct a property. Occupancy — refers to type of occupancy of the building.

For a commercial building, this can be office, industrial, restaurant, light manufacturing, habitational, etc. Protection — refers to the various protections in place to prevent or mitigate loss.

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0 users found helpful. 0 attorneys agreed. „c/o“ on a deed or in any writing is an abbreviation for „in care of“ and is used (for example) to direct delivery to A at B’s address. As such, it has little or nothing to do with conveying rights. Read more. Real Estate Broker Abbreviations. This list of real estate investing abbreviations is useful for real estate brokers. These abbreviations are typically written in all capital letters. ARV – after-repaired value; CCIM – Certified Commercial Investment Member; COO or C of O – certificate of occupancy; CMA – comparative market analysis.

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