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Ethyl Ether Anhydrous (BHT Stabilized/Certified ACS), Fisher Chemical | Fisher Scientific. Home. Products. Chemicals. Solvents. Other Solvents. Diethyl Ether. Ethyl Ether Anhydrous (BHT Stabilized/Certified ACS), Fisher Chemical™. Structure Find anhydrous ethyl ether and related products for scientific research at MilliporeSigma. Ethyl ether also known as diethyl ether or simply ether” is clear strongly odored and highly volatile organic solvent. It forms explosive peroxides on contact with air for extended periods of time. It is often sold inhibited with BHT or ethanol but is available uninhibited also. Ethyl Ether Anhydrous (BHT Stabilized/Certified ACS), Fisher Chemical™. Stabilized with BHT as preservative. Meet or exceeds the latest ACS specifications. Actual lot of analysis on label. $ – CAS:

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anhydrous ethyl ether

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anhydrous ethyl ether

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Ethers are a class of organic compounds that contain an ether functional group. Diethyl ether, or ethyl ether, is one example of ether. Diethyl ether has a chemical formula of C 4 H 10 O and a molecular mass of It is colorless but has a strong, distinct smell and a hot, sweet taste. Ethyl ether is highly flammable and volatile. The diethyl ether boiling point is The structure of diethyl ether is CH 3 -CH 2 -O-CH 2 -CH 3 , with the ball-and-stick model as follows:.

Although ethers have high chemical stability , they can undergo cleavage with certain reagents or under extreme conditions. Diethyl ether can also form peroxides in the presence of oxygen and light. Industrial production of diethyl ether is accomplished by the condensation of alcohols. This reaction is catalyzed by acids, usually sulfuric acid, with the mechanism depicted below:. This condensation method is also unsuitable for making unsymmetrical ethers.

Since there is no way to control which OH gets protonated or acts as a nucleophile, it will result in a mixture of two different symmetrical and the desired unsymmetrical ether.

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Www wertpapier forum

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This is somewhat dangerous to perform with the right equipment, and without the right gear, very dangerous! Diethyl ether , or CH 3 CH 2 -O-CH 2 CH 3 , is a great solvent for many things, but is extremely flammable. Professional chemists will be well appraised of the hazards presented in using ether, but the layperson is less likely to be aware of these dangers.

Diethyl Ether vapors ‚hug‘ the ground, and in dry air explosive peroxides can form. For this reason its probably a good idea to have some way of removing vapours from the vicinity a fume hood would be a fine example and Zaphraud suggests one should not use ether on days with extremely low humidity. Diethyl ether is prepared from ethanol a. The reaction proceeds thru an intermediary, „Ethyl sulfuric acid“, as do most reactions of this type.

The vapors are collected, and ether and some alcohol and water condense out. The sulfuric acid is a catalyst, but since it becomes more and more dilluted as a consequence of the water produced by the reaction, the process becomes inefficient which is why anhydrous ethanol is the best! The temperature of the reaction should be controlled carefully.

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Ethyl Ether Anhydrous: CAS: Alcohol: P.T. (about %) Molecular Formula: C4H10O: MDL Number: MFCD Synonym: 3-oxapentane, aether, anaesthetic ether, anesthetic ether, diethyl ether, diethyl oxide, ether, ethyl ether, ethyl oxide, pronarcol: SMILES: CCOCC: Molecular Weight (g/mol) ChEBI: CHEBI Physical Form: Liquid: Grade: Certified ACS ReagentBrand: Fisher Chemical. 2/3/ · Diethyl Ether, Anhydrous (stabilized with BHT), also known as ethoxyethane or ethyl ether, is an organic compound used as a solvent and has narcotic properties. It is also used to produce of cellulose acetate, a cellulose plastic. Ungra. Pricing & More Info.

Don’t have a profile? Stabilized with BHT as preservative. Meet or exceeds the latest ACS specifications. Actual lot of analysis on label. View more versions of this product. Catalog No. Emergency Overview Extremely flammable liquid and vapor. Vapor may cause flash fire. Harmful if swallowed. Irritating to eyes and skin. Vapors may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Aspiration hazard if swallowed – can enter lungs and cause damage.

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