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26/04/ · “The Rachel Divide” Review: A Disturbing Portrait of Dolezal’s Racial Fraudulence By Doreen St. Féli x April 26, The documentary posits that Dolezal is a Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. 27/04/ · The Rachel Divide plays like a would-be superhero “origin story.” I’m not being facetious when I liken her to Bruce Wayne, who had a profound trauma and Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. 26/04/ · The ostensible draw of “The Rachel Divide” is a chance to see Rachel Dolezal — the former N.A.A.C.P. chapter president of Spokane, Wash., who was the subject of a news media firestorm that began in Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Spokesman-Review (Washington) May 11, The Rachel Divide works hard to give an insider’s view of a story that for some is the case of a woman suffering from a serious sense of cultural.

Kate Erbland. How you view her and her lies is meant to say something about you. The film picks up soon after Dolezal made news in the summer of , after it was revealed that, despite her presentation otherwise, she was actually a white woman pretending to be black. Dolezal never attempts to grapple with why her masquerade upset so many people, and shrugs it off as a product of her decision to live her authentic self. Dolezal and her own voices seep into every moment, even the ones in which smart participants pinpoint the problems with her continued lies and evasions.

A lone black friend stops by just once to chat with Dolezal, and even she seems bewildered by her lack of understanding. And while Dolezal claims to not have lost a single hair braiding client during the keruffle, none of them want to show their faces on camera. It was another stunt, or at least another way to hide. People can see you. Netflix will debut it on April Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!

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Rachel Dolezal initially became a public figure for positive reasons but after a question about her race, she soon became a public subject, with the jury out on her true character. Netflix Documentary The Rachel Divide follows the subject, critics, family and friends in the aftermath of the national debate that has split opinion.

A lot of thoughts came to my mind whilst watching The Rachel Divide. The first was that I found it incredible how Rachel Dolezal had managed to transform herself into such a leader of race-based discrimination. The second thought that came to my mind, is that I am not convinced there is a divided opinion on Rachel Dolezal in the USA. The Rachel Divide makes it abundantly clear that its subject is not liked in the public eye, resorting herself to private friends and keeping her public appearances limited.

The documentary opens up with the beginning of her downfall; a journalist asking if she is African-American. Her immediate hesitation and the holding of the tears held the answer; The Rachel Divide is a case study of Rachel Dolezal, and not one that takes sides. The Netflix original documentary did not make me mad, it made me confused due to its extremely balanced nature of telling the story.

We are living in unprecedented times, where the term identity is becoming commonly debated. Rachel Dolezal claims to be trans-black, in that she is white but she feels black. The black US communities can understand the repercussions this may have, especially in America, which even today suffers from extreme cases of racial discrimination and violence. This is a tough subject to handle because as the documentary signifies through a series of interviews with black people, being actually black-skinned is much more of a struggle than a white woman claiming to be black.

This problem becomes apparent plenty of times throughout the documentary, however, I guess I could not help feeling sorry for Rachel Dolezal.

the rachel divide review

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Was she? Just passing? The central issue explored by director Laura Brownson—and the one that probably got her started up this sociological blind alley—is about self-definition and identity politics. Are people what they say they are because they say they are? Watching the film, a viewer will naturally wonder if Ms.

Brownson is going to go there—and she does, with a sequence featuring Caitlyn Jenner. Not for the people Ms. Brownson talks to, including members of Ms. So did Rachel Dolezal, who eventually got custody of her adopted sibling Izaiah. The charges were later dropped.

the rachel divide review

Wie funktioniert bitcoin billionaire

The filmmaker interviews the first reporter who covered the story, which started out as an investigation into the alleged hate mail Dolezal was receiving. Many, including members of her own chapter, suspected that she was sending them to herself, though nothing was ever proven. The film then shifts gears, taking us back to Dolezal growing up in Montana with white parents who adopted several African-American children.

Yet, not once does she produce a shred of evidence of any of these claims. The filmmaker apparently just took her word as the truth. The same goes for her teaming up with her adopted sister in making sexual misconduct claims against their biological brother. The documentary takes their word on the allegations while not offering any proof and only briefly interviews another sibling who denounces the alleged crimes.

The hardest part to watch was the impact on her children. Her adopted brother, Izaiah, of whom she had custody, chooses to leave the country to get away from the media spotlight, while her biological son expresses frustration at her constant need for attention. Instead, it only reinforces your opinion of her. If you watched it as a supporter, you will cheer.

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It is a tough thing, creating the momentum of revelation from a quintessentially overexposed social-media story. And it is an old fabulism. More important, they have wanted to augment their cultural power, to emphasize their female suffering. Her telltale blonde box braids frame her freckled and blue-eyed face. Dolezal tears apart bundles of synthetic braiding hair as she works on a client in her living room, a makeshift black-hair salon. Hair is the way she makes money now, having lost her positions at the N.

Her home is messy, strewn with books and documents and the detritus of the two black men who live with her: Izaiah Dolezal, once her adopted sibling, now her adopted son, and Franklin Moore, her biological son, whom she had with her ex-husband, Kevin Moore. One of the first times we see Dolezal drive around her town, she takes her sons to the local barbershop. She parks in front, waiting. Then the gruff and disembodied voice of the owner is heard, demanding that she move her car from his establishment.

the rachel divide review

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Awards FAQ User Ratings External Reviews Metacritic Reviews. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Sign In. The Rachel Divide Hide Spoilers. Sort by: Helpfulness Review Date Total Votes Prolific Reviewer Review Rating. Filter by Rating: Show All 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars 6 Stars 7 Stars 8 Stars 9 Stars 10 Stars. The concept interested me because I had heard much indirect explanation of this woman’s claims of blackness but had never spent any time researching the real story.

This documentary tells the real story, which I had heard in its entirety through all the second-hand reports: a white woman spent a large portion of her life pretending to be black, to the point of convincing herself that a choice to be so would make her actually so, and through her pretense actually rose to a position of social importance among civil rights groups.

She does much complaining on camera about how much of a joke everyone treats her as, but even those who love her friends and family repeatedly iterate in veiled terms that it’s all just an awkward ruse no one is benefiting from. I was especially interested in the story because of a former friend of mine from college who had pulled the same stunt, dressing like, acting like, and even going so far as claiming black heritage.

The documentary showed me the same socially confused and insecure fraud as I had already seen in my one time friend. I can accept embracing a culture that isn’t your own because its lifestyle and symbology appeal to your needs and tastes, and I personally find the entire concept of „cultural appropriation“ to be an absurd hoax grounded in a fundamental misunderstanding of how culture works, but the idea of „bi-riacial“ identity not only works as a laughably poor excuse for this woman’s obvious black-faced life, but it belies the reality of why racism is scientifically, and more importantly morally, false.

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The Rachel Divide works hard to give an insider’s view of a story that for some is the case of a woman suffering from a serious sense of cultural displacement and for others is an ongoing attempt 72%. 25/04/ · ‘The Rachel Divide’ Review: Netflix’s Rachel Dolezal Documentary Humanizes a Controversial Figure, But With a Cost Laura Brownson’s intimate documentary can’t help but humanize the controversial.

As you all already know, Rachel Dolezal is the former president of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP who in was revealed to be a white woman posing as black. Is she a fraud? An egomaniacal charlatan? Her steadfast refusal to acknowledge the opposing view seems to also be a sore spot with both of her sons, who form a crucial foundation for the story. The Rachel Divide , which speaks far more to her internal struggle than any outward polarization, positions her troubled upbringing at the hands of religious white parents who adopted and then also abused black children as the root of her self-identification.

It is in this layered web where you can explore the complexities of disassociation. She then appears shocked any time an interviewer asks questions about her deceit rather than her views on race. She takes each inquiry as a personal slight, even when interviewers approach the subject respectfully. The behavior paints a picture of someone who is completely lacking in self-awareness and naive to the point of provincially dismissive.

Her choices, compounded by the documentary, appear to be an anchor around the lives of her loved ones.

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