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The word expat is a contraction of expatriate, which derives from the Latin word expatriatus. In medieval times, an expatriatus was someone who had left his or her home country to live somewhere else. So in today’s culture an expatriate is exactly that; someone who lives in a different location than that which they were born and brought up. 02/12/ · An expat is someone who has chosen to live abroad for an extended length of time. A tourist might rush through a country and see all the highlights on their list and get a tantalizing taste of a new place, but with the intention of returning back to the “real world.”Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Expat definition is – an expatriate person: expatriate. How to use expat in a sentence. An expatriate is someone who is currently living in a foreign country outside of that person’s country of citizenship. In many cases, the purpose of their extended visit is for work purposes. In many cases, the purpose of their extended visit is for work purposes.

There is a lot of debate around the term expat. Some people feel it sets you apart from the local culture to call yourself an expat. As someone living in a foreign country, I feel that I am, by definition, an expatriate. The experience of living in Costa Rica and now Mexico has changed the lives of me and my family. The expat life is not for everybody, as there can be frustrations.

The decision was partially fueled by wanting to live in a place where the cost of living was significantly lower than back home and partially by finding a climate that was so much better than the northeast U. There is so much more to being an expat than simply living outside of your native country. I am now experiencing another culture firsthand, not just reading about it or seeing it on TV.

If someone had told me that at 53 years old I was going to learn to speak Spanish, I would have told them they were crazy. And yet, here I am speaking Spanish, not fluently, but I can carry on a conversation with anyone about practically any subject. Becoming an expat was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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Introverted Expat. Does this sound like the life for you? In all honesty, being an expat is both exciting and terrifying. So what is an expat, really? Expatriate is often shortened to expat, which is more commonly said. An expat is someone who is residing in a country that is not their home country. That may include living overseas, such as a British expat living in the United States.

Both have moved away from home for a period of time. Typically, the word expat is used for people who have moved overseas for a temporary amount of time. On the flip side, many people use the word immigrant for those who have chance their permanent residence and plan to continue living in their new country for a long time potentially, for the rest of their life.

Moving to Canada as a small child versus those who use the term expat ex.

what is an expat

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Moving to a foreign country is exciting. Expatriates have an amazing life. In fact, millions of people become expatriates every year. Some expatriates relocate for job opportunities, for a cultural change, or for an entirely new way of life. Some are in search of better schools. Some are looking for better healthcare. Others just want to retire to a tropical island and drink cocktails on the beach.

Regardless of your motives, there are many things to consider before leaving your native country and moving across the world. What do you mean when you say you are an expatriate? In many cases, the purpose of their extended visit is for work purposes. How is an Expatriate different than an immigrant? An immigrant is typically an expatriate who is planning on remaining in their country of residence for the foreseeable future.

what is an expat

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But, when you actually arrive, transforming into your new identity, that of dweller in foreign new lands, aka an expat, is more complicated. The obvious question, what is an expat, anyway? An expat or expatriate , if you want to be fancy, is literally any person who lives temporarily or permanently in a country other than their country of citizenship. Taking three to four months to backpack across South America?

Always dreamt of living in the South of France, working in a boulangerie and sipping espresso in a cafe every day? Enough with definitions. Someone who still gets confused by new social etiquette abroad. One of the first experiences of being an expat is recognizing how little you know or understand about your new country of residence and the subtleties of the culture that you must learn to comprehend if ever want to feel like you belong.

You learn to understand how the local bus system works and recognize those times when you should instead go straight to the till cash register rather than waiting to pay at your table in a cafe. Although you might feel confused to begin with, this is the test that all new expats must face and one that decides whether your time abroad is short-term or whether your new country slowly becomes your home country. If you want to know how to be an expat, you have to know how to feel uncomfortable with getting a few things wrong here and there.

If you become an expat in a country where they speak a different language, your first battle is with the language. Expect to spend at least the first three months utterly baffled in most situations. Taking a job abroad so that you can pick up a new language is both extremely hard work and also one of the most rewarding things you can do.

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What Does it Mean to Say You are an Expatriate? Packing up, moving abroad, and living the life of an expatriate is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are many things to be considered before making such a big move, including:. For many expats, living abroad is a big adventure that sometimes comes after years of researching, planning, and dreaming of living elsewhere. For others, it is because of a job transfer or new job opportunity.

You should understand the meaning of becoming an expat before you go — so here are some considerations…. In many cases, the purpose of their extended visit is for work purposes. The non-glamorous aspect of expatriate life comes from leaving family and friends back home and watching their lives move on via social media highlights, emails, and telephone calls. You must be willing to start over.

You must also be adaptable and be okay with living out of your suitcase or even backpack! And once you have that residence, you may have to invest in furniture and of course, food and toiletries.

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An expat — which is short for expatriate — is simply someone who lives outside their native country the country they were born in. They may be temporarily or permanently living there for a variety of reasons including work or retirement. Technically, it means the same as immigrant or migrant, but the term expat carries certain connotations. We take look at what expat life is like, particularly when it comes to accessing healthcare abroad.

According to a survey by expat community InterNations , jobs are the main reason people move abroad, including:. In terms of becoming an expat as a result of retirement, Spain leads the way in Europe with some changes expected to this as a result of Brexit. Expat v immigrant? There is actually no difference between the two. They are the same thing — people who move to another country for work or lifestyle reasons. Sometimes expat is used to describe people who have moved abroad for professional careers or retirement, whereas immigrant tends to be used more widely.

According to the InterNations Expat Insider report , expat life in the Iberian Peninsular destinations — such as Spain and Portugal — was voted among the best in the world. Valencia in Spain was particularly favoured for its climate and healthcare. Other destinations popular with expats include:. People tend to make assumptions about expatriate life, from the sun-seeking fifty-somethings retiring to Spain, to the businesswoman moving to Singapore for a career opportunity.

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03/04/ · An expat or expatriate, if you want to be fancy, is literally any person who lives temporarily or permanently in a country other than their country of citizenship. Taking three to four months to backpack across South America?Author: Steph Dyson. Expatriate. An expatriate is someone who has chosen to live and work in a country other than the one in which he or she legally resides. Most often, an expatriate is a citizen of a Western nation who has chosen to live in a non-Western country, such as one in South America, Asia, or Africa.

Sign up to our newsletter. The word expat is a contraction of expatriate, which derives from the Latin word expatriatus. In medieval times, an expatriatus was someone who had left his or her home country to live somewhere else. In general expatriates are considered to be people who are residing in their host country temporarily, with the ultimate intention of returning home at a later date.

However, in recent times, more and more expatriates have left their home country and found that they can experience a higher standard of living and a better of quality of life abroad and, for this reason, many of them never return home. There are many reasons why people become expatriates. For some it is due to work reasons, others fall in love with a person or a place, and others still seek a different life from that which they have been accustomed by living overseas.

It is important to note, however, that expatriates will differ enormously from one another and although they are often referred to as a homogenous group, the reality is that within that group people will differ enormously from one another and should therefore be treated as individuals. Whatever your reasons for becoming an expat, this expat guide contains everything you need to know when moving overseas. Do you have a comment about this article, a further question or even a correction?

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