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28/07/ · Rodgers didn’t mention that he’d been told he’d be traded during Wednesday’s press conference, during which he peeled the curtain back on his relationship with the organization. 26/07/ · Trey Wingo reports (or at least he says he’s “hearing”) that the return of Aaron Rodgers to the Packers is “hinging on trading for former teammate Randall Cobb.” Says Wingo, “If Cobb. 1 hour ago · The Packers and Aaron Rodgers have a handshake agreement on a trade. There are a lot of very big ifs involved in that report. The first is Rodgers’ call. 23/05/ · The NFL offseason is rolling along, and the Aaron Rodgers trade chatter is not slowing down any time soon. The Green Bay Packers don’t want to deal their three-time MVP quarterback, but if .

Training camp begins later this month but the Green Bay Packers still face uncertainty with the future of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But what if his stance is unchanged and he really does want to leave? Maybe then the Packers would have to seriously consider trading away their superstar QB earlier than they had ever dreamed of. They would need to get a good deal in return, perhaps a combination of draft picks with young players to build around as they transition to the Jordan Love era.

The Packers would also likely want to trade Rodgers to an AFC team, if possible. So, what if the unthinkable happens this summer? Here are five teams that could make sense in a Rodgers trade. Packers free agency: 3 dream targets for Green Bay in by Freddie Boston. Next 1 of 6 Prev post. Next: No. Lombardi Ave 1 month Packers: Aaron Rodgers early fantasy football predictions. The Big Lead 1 month Latest Aaron Rodgers News is There is No News.

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In the stalemate between the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers, the Packers hold most of the cards. But according to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Pro Football Rumors , the Packers have revealed part of their asking price in any Rodgers trade. Any viable offer to get Rodgers would start with multiple future first-round picks, probably a Day 2 draft pick and a starting-caliber player.

Silverstein has reported Green Bay will require a trading partner to send back a quarterback. The Packers of course have first-round pick Jordan Love, but there are questions about his readiness to start. The Denver Broncos have lingered as the favorite to land Rodgers. The acquisition of Teddy Bridgewater sets up a competition for the starting job with Drew Lock at this point, but one of them more likely Lock could be sent to Green Bay in a Rodgers trade.

Assuming the Packers would want Lock or Bridgewater, the Broncos still make sense as a trade partner with some other quality talent they could part with. The San Francisco 49ers are out of the mix for Rodgers, as they move forward with Jimmy Garoppolo and rookie Trey Lance. Or are they?

aaron rodgers trade

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But Rodgers has finally put his actions to the leaked words that circulated during the draft. He wants out of Green Bay, and he wants out now. Star quarterbacks have looked at the player empowerment movement in the NBA , and decided they want a piece of the action. Not the nonstop movement. Not even the Nets-style super-team building a true hard salary cap disincentivizes that , but to be partners with the decision-makers, not the help.

To work with management, not fall in line with the rest of the huddle. The pressure is different; the privileges should match that. Middle- to upper-band quarterbacks are using their power and influence to move to more desirable landing spots. Matthew Stafford engineered a move to Los Angeles; Carson Wentz, fresh off the worst season of any starter in , was able to wiggle his way out of Philadelphia and back to his old coach in Indianapolis.

The trend will continue. At some point, there will be a conclusion to the Rodgers saga. Once his future is sorted, the countdown will begin on finding the next quarterback who is willing to torch his way out of a franchise. It has been all quiet on the Wilson front since a report from The Athletic in February chronicled a rift at the heart of the Seahawks franchise.

aaron rodgers trade

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Nothing appears to have changed on the Aaron Rodgers front. The superstar quarterback reportedly wants to be traded. However, the Packers are likely going to attempt to smooth things over with their franchise star. CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora named six teams potential destinations for Rodgers on Monday morning. There has seemingly been one growing favorite in the Denver Broncos. La Canfora named five other teams contenders in the Rodgers sweepstakes: Panthers, Saints, Raiders, Eagles and Dolphins.

The Dolphins are perhaps the most surprising addition. Getting that done might be tough, though. Will he just swallow his pride and come in? The post 6 Teams Named Trade Contenders For Aaron Rodgers appeared first on The Spun. Alaska plane crash: 6 people dead in floatplane tour crash. A North Carolina man built a foot skeleton in his front yard warning his unvaccinated neighbors: ‚Not vaccinated, see you soon, idiots!

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After nearly a month of evading the media, Aaron Rodgers was finally put on the hot seat Monday night. During an interview with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, not only was the Packers quarterback asked about all the drama in Green Bay, but the reigning NFL MVP was also asked directly if he demanded a trade this offseason.

Rodgers turned the NFL world upside down back on April 29 when it was reported that he wanted out of Green Bay. Although Rodgers hasn’t done a single football-related interview since then, the Packers quarterback decided to go on ESPN on Monday to help celebrate the fact that Mayne was hosting his final episode of SportsCenter after spending 27 years at the all-sports network.

After the two exchanged some pleasantries, Mayne cut to the chase and asked Rodgers one simple question, „Are you demanding a trade? Here’s how Rodgers responded to that question, and as you’ll notice, he definitely didn’t shoot down any of the trade speculation. A lot of fun to work together. I love the coaching staff, love my teammates, love the fan base in Green Bay.

It’s been an incredible 16 years. I agree that CBS Sports can send me the „Pick Six Newsletter“. Although Rodgers seems to „love“ a lot about playing for the Packers, one group he noticeably didn’t compliment is the Packers front office, which probably shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, because the quarterback’s beef with the team seems to be with the front office.

Over the past month, it’s become pretty clear that Rodgers doesn’t care too much for Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst. In a report from April 29, Pro Football Talk noted that Rodgers „doesn’t like anyone in the front office.

aaron rodgers trade

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Independent counsel Beth Wilkinson found rampant workplace violations towards women which included multiple sexual harassment allegations. This comes as no shock for anybody paying attention in recent years after a variety of horror stories coming out of Washington. Somehow, there is no written report from Wilkinson detailing her findings.

Sometimes, the message means even more than the punishment. While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should have come down heavy-handed and publicly — and strongly — against Snyder as a continuing owner in the league, not requiring a lengthy, painstaking written document is flooring. Goodell had a chance to make a thunderous warning to the rest of the NFL owners: create or allow a toxic culture, and there will be hell to pay.

By fining Snyder an easily affordable sum, Goodell sets a horrid precedent. He owns the team. For women working for and around the Washington Football Team, why should they feel any safer? Last summer, I penned a long piece in this space about the dysfunction emanating from Washington on a football level and its failures to deal with people in a professional manner.

Below are two quotes that sum it up:. They hire people who are allegedly the best of the best and they are the worst of the worst.

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Aaron Rodgers may have reported to Packers training camp with the intention of playing for the team this season, but the drama is not over yet. According to Jay Glazer, NFL teams in need of a franchise quarterback should keep a close eye out because Rodgers and the Packers are still on course for a trade after this season.

They have agreed to it already. NFL News NFLonFOX Wentz Dak Watson. Is it possible the Packers will convince the All-Pro quarterback that his best path forward is still in Green Bay? They may be saying that now, but will they really follow through at the end of the season if Rodgers decides he still wants to go?

It could all come down to how much winning the Packers do this season. A Super Bowl run would cure a lot of ills. However, any speed bumps could spell the end of the relationship for good. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Dan Powers-USA TODAY NETWORK. Jimmy Johnson has hilarious response to Cowboys Ring of Honor announcement Video by Alicia de Artola. Phillies fans freak out after epic ninth-inning comeback to cut into Mets NL East lead by Natalie Abele.

NFL News NFLonFOX Wentz Dak Watson pic.

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1 hour ago · The Packers and Aaron Rodgers have a handshake agreement on a trade. There are a lot of very big ifs involved in that report. The first is Rodgers’ call. 06/05/ · Aaron Rodgers trade to Denver Broncos reportedly likelier to happen in Mississippi officials warn of delta surge as 12 children in ICU due to .

Since the NFL draft, Aaron Rodgers has been hypothetically traded hundreds of times. In a way his future destination has become the new mock draft. And the scenarios are getting cranked out despite Rodgers‘ total silence and zero indication that the Green Bay Packers are going to budge on Rodgers playing anywhere else next season. Four of the executives are general managers.

Two are former GMs who currently hold jobs in NFL front offices. All six reside in franchises that spent time working on some aspect of the quarterback market this offseason, either acquiring a rookie high in the draft, taking part in a veteran trade or having reached out to the Houston Texans regarding Deshaun Watson early in the offseason.

While their opinions on Rodgers had various points of overlap, three main points emerged in their analysis. Among them …. All six of the executives found that to be rich, especially given that the acquiring team would be expected to do a new league-leading deal with the QB. Interestingly, all six had a very similar template for where they thought an offer would start in terms of draft capital.

And it was with two first-rounders, not three. Surprisingly, all six agreed on the the first-round compensation would largely be in the area of two firsts — with an offer of three being the outlier. Watson, before everything that came out [in the civil litigation] , he was going to be probably three firsts and some extra. Not for three or four years of returns.

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