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22 rows · Due to the rapid growth of China’s economy, the nation has developed many trading partners throughout the world. All trading partners are considered important to the development of the Chinese economy, however the title of China’s largest partners are ever-changing due to national and international policy changes. The expansion of the Chinese economy grew % the last quarter of Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Among China’s trading partners that generate the greatest positive trade balances, Chinese surpluses with the United Kingdom (up %), Singapore (up %) and Poland (up %) grew at the fastest pace from to China’s Trading Partners – Top 5 Countries Where China Has a Positive Trade Balance. 1. United States: $ billion 2. Hong Kong: $ billion 3. The Netherlands: $61 billion 4. India: $58 billion 5. The United Kingdom: $33 billion. China’s Trading Partners – Top 5 Countries Where China Has a Negative Trade Balance. 1. Taiwan: $ billion 2. 16/02/ · China is now EU’s biggest trading partner, an exchange complicated by labour rights and transatlantic tactics Trade volume in goods hit US$ billion in , which coincided with Beijing and.

The ongoing trade war between these two countries led to an overall slowdown of global growth in , with continued weakness in global trade and investment. Despite this, China has maintained a positive trade balance overall and continues to be a major exporter to countries around the world. Our new series of visualizations maps out the relationship between China and its biggest trading partners. The data for these visualizations comes from the International Monetary Fund , with all values expressed in U.

Here is the breakdown of exports, imports, and trade balance between China and other countries around the world. Although the U. The size and the color of each country on the map show at first glance which ones are the biggest recipients of Chinese exports. Countries that are larger and a deeper shade of turquoise have a higher value of exports. Even with the ongoing trade war since , the U. The most common goods that China exports to the U.

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That is, these are countries that imported the most Korean shipments by dollar value. Almost four-fifths Five top importers increased purchases from South Korea from to namely Germany up As defined by Investopedia, a country whose total value of all imported goods is higher than its value of all exports is said to have a negative trade balance or deficit.

It would be unrealistic for any exporting nation to expect across-the-board positive trade balances with all its importing partners. In , South Korea incurred the highest trade deficits with the following countries. In , South Korea incurred the highest trade surpluses with the following countries. Shown within parenthesis are examples of products that the Korean business specializes in.

Accessed on February 14, International Trade Centre, Trade Map. Accessed on February 14, Investopedia, Net Importer Definition. Accessed on February 14, Korea Trade World, South Korean Suppliers. Accessed on February 14, That figure represents roughly 2.

chinas biggest trading partner

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By Afp and Ap and Sam Blanchard Senior Health Reporter For Mailonline. Published: BST, 2 December Updated: BST, 3 December China has overtaken the U. The country pushed past the United States in the third quarter to become the European Union ’s top trade partner, as the pandemic disrupted the US while Chinese activity rebounded. Over the first nine months of , trade between the EU and China totalled Above, a worker in a motorcycle parts factory in Huaibei, in China’s eastern Anhui Province.

These figures show the year-on-year change in GDP for some of the world’s richest countries, with China’s economy larger than it was a year ago while others have seen massive decline. For the same period in , the EU’s trade with China came in at Eurostat said the result was due to a 4. The EU has been China’s top trade partner since when it overtook Japan, but this is the first time the inverse has been true, France’s Insee statistics agency said Wednesday.

After a Covidrelated shock in the first quarter the Chinese economy has rebounded, with the economy growing year-on-year in the third quarter.

chinas biggest trading partner

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In the face of the sudden onslaught of the COVID pandemic, China and ASEAN have worked together to strengthen cooperation in combating the virus, share experiences, take the lead in opening up fast-track and green channels, and promote the resumption of economic growth, Li noted. Against the backdrop of shrinking world trade, economic recession and serious impacts on people-to-people exchanges, China-ASEAN trade grew against the trend in the first three quarters of He added that China was the first to join the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia, the first to forge a strategic partnership with ASEAN, the first to start FTA negotiations with ASEAN, and the first to give unequivocal support for ASEAN centrality in East Asian regional cooperation.

The premier said that China-ASEAN cooperation has maintained its momentum and played an important role in regional peace and stability, development and prosperity, which is inseparable from our joint efforts. Whether faced with two financial crises, major natural disasters such as SARS or the tsunami, or the impact of this year’s pandemic, the two sides have been able to stand by each other and overcome the difficulties together.

China-ASEAN cooperation is mutually beneficial, open and inclusive. We regard each other’s development as an important opportunity, dovetail development plans, strengthen connectivity and advocate multilateralism and free trade, thus not only realizing our own development, but also injecting strong momentum into the stable development of the regional and global economy.

Peace and stability are the prerequisites for development and prosperity. We are unanimous in advocating mutual respect, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and resolving differences and disputes through friendly consultations, thus creating a peaceful and stable regional environment. For us, the fundamental interests of the two billion people of China and ASEAN countries are always the top priority.

In the face of COVID, we have cared deeply about life and livelihood, extended a helping hand to those most in need and made joint efforts to protect the life, security and health of all our peoples.

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BEIJING, Nov. Li made the remarks in a speech at the 23rd China-ASEAN leaders‘ meeting, which was held Thursday afternoon via video link. In the face of the unexpected COVID pandemic, China and ASEAN have joined hands to fight the virus, enhancing cooperation and sharing experience in epidemic control, he said. China and ASEAN were among the first to open „fast tracks“ and „green lanes“ to facilitate flows of people and goods and support economic recovery, he said, adding that despite contracting global trade, economic recession and serious disruptions to travel, China-ASEAN two-way trade went up in the first three quarters, and Chinese investment in ASEAN countries surged more than 70 percent year on year.

Li stressed that China and ASEAN working in concert has been a key underlying factor behind the strong momentum of China-ASEAN cooperation and its important role in ensuring regional peace, stability, development and prosperity. The two sides have pursued the path of solidarity and development by upholding good neighborliness and friendship, said Li, adding that in times of adversity, from the two financial crises to major natural disasters such as tsunamis and SARS, as well as the sudden onslaught of COVID, the two sides have always stood together and looked out for each other.

The Chinese premier said China-ASEAN cooperation is open, inclusive and delivers benefits to both sides. Seeing each other’s development as crucial opportunities, the two sides have synergized development plans and strengthened connectivity, while advocating multilateralism and free trade, said Li, adding that these common endeavors have not only facilitated their own development, but also injected a strong impetus into the stable economic development of the region and beyond.

ASEAN has become China’s largest trading partner: Chinese premier Source: Xinhua Editor: huaxia. Video Player Close. KEY WORDS:.

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Economic Complexity Rankings. Location: China borders North Korea , Russia , Mongolia , Kazakhstan , Tajikistan , Kyrgyzstan , Afghanistan , Pakistan , India , Nepal , Bhutan , Laos , Vietnam , Hong Kong , and Macau by land and Indonesia , Brunei , Japan , South Korea , Malaysia , and Philippines by sea. This section shows exports and imports data at subnational level for China. Click any date in the line plot, any subnational region in the geomap, or any product, destination or origin country to explore the exports or imports behavior of China over time.

For full datasets download visit Bulk Download page. Go to Bulk Download. Explore Visualizations. Fastest Growing Export Markets – Fastest Growing Import Markets – Click any of the products in the bar chart to see the specific Ad Valorem Duty Rates by partner country. This section shows exports, imports and economic complexity data at subnational level for China.

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The new data come as Brussels is trying to intensify its economic ties with Beijing by concluding an EU-China investment pact. China was the EU’s main trade partner in goods over , taking the top spot occupied until last year by the United States. During global trade’s annus horribilis, heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, EU-China trade grew while imports and exports to the United States dramatically dropped compared with , according to data by the EU’s statistics office Eurostat published Monday.

In , exports of EU goods to China increased by 2. The pandemic severely hit transatlantic trade, with exports of European goods to the U. Imports fell As a result, the U. This new data come as Brussels is trying to intensify its economic ties with Beijing by concluding an EU-China investment pact, which has raised concerns among European lawmakers and civil society.

Eurostat estimates also show that EU trade started recovering during the second half of the year to the point that, in December , exports of EU goods to the rest of the world as well as intra-EU trade were larger compared to the same month of the previous year. Email [email protected] for a complimentary trial.

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China is now the EU’s second-biggest trading partner behind the United States and the EU is China’s biggest trading partner. The EU is committed to open trading relations with China. However, the EU wants to ensure that China trades fairly, respects intellectual property rights and meets its obligations as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Overview: In January China exported $B and imported $B, resulting in a positive trade balance of $B. Between January and January the exports of China have increased by $76B (%) from $B to $B, while imports increased by $B (%) from $B to $B. Trade: In January , the top exports of China were.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP, was signed virtually on Sunday on the sidelines of the annual summit of the nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The accord will take already low tariffs on trade between member countries still lower, over time, and is less comprehensive than an nation trans-Pacific trade deal that President Donald Trump pulled out of shortly after taking office.

Apart from the member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, it includes China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, but not the United States. Officials said the accord leaves the door open for India, which dropped out due to fierce domestic opposition to its market-opening requirements, to rejoin the bloc. It is not expected to go as far as the European Union in integrating member economies but does build on existing free trade arrangements.

The accord is also a coup for China, by far the biggest market in the region with more than 1. Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politics. Analysts are skeptical Biden will push hard to rejoin the trans-Pacific trade pact or to roll back many of the U. Critics of free trade agreements say they tend to encourage companies to move manufacturing jobs overseas.

So, having won over disaffected rust-belt voters in Michigan and western Pennsylvania in the Nov. IE 11 is not supported.

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