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29/07/ · Cotton #2 (ICE Futures) Cotton #2. (ICE Futures) Times displayed are in Central Time zone. Global Commodity Forecasts Industrial Raw Materials Markets Report Aluminum, Coal, Copper, Cotton, Crude Oil, Gold, Lead, LNG, Natural Gas, Natural Rubber, Nickel, Steel, Tin, Zinc Jul 1st, , – PMZ (Length: ) Copyright © Cotton futures are also traded by speculators who assume the price risk that hedgers try to avoid in return for a chance to profit from favorable cotton price movement. Speculators buy cotton futures when they believe that cotton prices will go up. Conversely, they will sell cotton futures when they think that cotton prices will fall. Trade Cotton Futures CTK1 CFD. Cotton No.2 future contract is traded in the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and is the global benchmark for the cotton trading community. Contract calls for delivery of cotton of certain grade standard and staple length. Cotton is used to produce textiles, home furnishings and other industrial products. 27/07/ · Cotton futures trading happens in two different markets: on the NYMEX and on the NYBOT. Both types of cotton futures have the same delivery dates despite the fact that they are being traded on two different markets. You can learn more about Soft futures by downloading our guide, Free Fundamentals of Trading Soft Futures.

Cotton futures and options — ICE Futures U. Chapter 4 – Cotton trading – Cotton futures and options — ICE Futures U. Crop commodities, such as cotton, have been in use for thousands of years. Basic commodities with universal value in different cultures could be described as the first international currencies of exchange. With such a long history as a basis of commerce, it is easy to understand how the marketplace value of a commodity could play a major role in the rise and fall of empires.

The shape and scope of commodity trading has evolved since the early trading routes were established, but the role of commodity trading remains a fundamental economic component in world economic development. The price fluctuations of a basic commodity can still shock the economy of a country or an entire region. The price of the latest cotton crop matters a great deal. The central importance of commodity pricing gave rise to the commodity exchanges and their principal pricing tools — futures and options contracts.

Futures markets exist because of price risk in the cash market for the underlying industry. No price risk means there is no role for a futures market — a fact that is crucial to any understanding of the purpose and function of the futures markets.

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After trading firm at midday, afternoon adjustments left the cotton futures complex 32 to 45 points higher. December contracts got to within 10 points of the LOC high, but ended the day with a 37 point gain to Shipments were , RBs on the week. For new crop, Export Sales data showed , RBs were purchased bringing the forward book to 3. Official Census data showed June cotton exports were 1. The online cotton trading platform The Seam noted Wednesday sales of 1, bales for an average gross price Read more.

Barchart Thu Aug 5, PM CDT. December contracts got to within 10 points Cocoa prices on Thursday settled

cotton future trading

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Cotton has been used in textile production for over years. Today, its uses have expanded to include products like fishnets and gunpowder. The early history of the cotton industry in the U. However, since the advent of mechanized harvesting, the U. The U. Many developing countries find it hard to compete in the international market due to low product prices and a lack of fair trade, especially since their access to the same agricultural technology as affluent countries is limited.

The four major cotton-producing countries are: China, India, the U. Annually, the U. Depending on the climate, the cotton planting season can start as early as March, while the harvest can go well into December. The most popular type of cotton grown in the U. Cotton 2 futures contracts are traded on the NYBOT while cotton futures contracts are traded on the NYMEX; both contracts have the same delivery dates.

Source: USDA.

cotton future trading

Wie funktioniert bitcoin billionaire

If you are bullish on cotton, you can profit from a rise in cotton price by taking up a long position in the cotton futures market. You can do so by buying going long one or more cotton futures contracts at a futures exchange. You decide to go long one near-month NYMEX Cotton Futures contract at the price of USD 0. Since each NYMEX Cotton Futures contract represents pounds of cotton, the value of the futures contract is USD 23, However, instead of paying the full value of the contract, you will only be required to deposit an initial margin of USD 3, to open the long futures position.

Assuming that a week later, the price of cotton rises and correspondingly, the price of cotton futures jumps to USD 0. Each contract is now worth USD 25, So by selling your futures contract now, you can exit your long position in cotton futures with a profit of USD 2, This leverage is made possible by the relatively low margin approximately Leverage is a double edged weapon. The above examples only depict positive scenarios whereby the market is favorable towards you.

If the market turn against you, you will be required to top up your account to meet the margin requirements in order for your futures position to remain open.

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Seasonal cycles and using the COT report are helpful indicators on your commodities trading. Learn how seasonality affect commodities price from the annual growing cycles. Learn technical analysis or trading strategies to start your journey. Download our ebook to learn about the basic charting and indicators. Using COT to analyse the futures markets and trade with the commercial.

Read our blog for opinions and other market info about financial trading or even trading strategies. You can learn from our personal experience from the blog and even free trading entries. Seasonality Futures share knowledge on seasonal patterns or seasonal spread on commodities futures trading. We inspire to share our trading knowledge to everyone who are interested in commodities futures.

We started as a hobby and it has continued since then.

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Wheat PM. Wheat WH. Early Rice. Late Indica Rice. Japonica Rice. Rapeseed Oil. Rapeseed Meal. White Sugar. Cotton Yarn. Cotton No. Chinese Jujube. Peanut Kernel. Thermal Coal. Flat Glass.

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Cotton is a natural vegetable fiber that comes from small trees and shrubs of a genus belonging to the mallow family, one of which is the common American Upland cotton plant. Cotton has been used in India for at least the last 5, years and probably much longer, and was also used by the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and North and South Americans. Cotton was one of the earliest crops grown by European settlers in the U.

Cotton requires a long growing season, plenty of sunshine and water during the growing season, and then dry weather for harvesting. In the United States, the Cotton Belt stretches from northern Florida to North Carolina and westward to California. In the U. The flower bud of the plant blossoms and develops into an oval boll that splits open at maturity.

At maturity, cotton is most vulnerable to damage from wind and rain. There it is dried, cleaned, separated, and packed into bales. Cotton is used in a wide range of products, from clothing to home furnishings to medical products. The value of cotton is determined by the staple, grade, and character of each bale.

Grade refers to the color, brightness, and amount of foreign matter and is established by the U. Department of Agriculture. Character refers to the fiber’s diameter, strength, body, maturity ratio of mature to immature fibers , uniformity, and smoothness.

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Cotton futures are great for traders or hedgers who want to gain exposure to the cotton market in an easy and cheap manner. Production and use of cotton date back to ancient times — around 6, BC. It is thought that the first place the cotton plant was grown was in the Indus delta, in Exchange: ICE. The most popular type of cotton grown in the U.S. is called American Upland which accounts for 97% of all U.S. cotton crop grown every year. Cotton #2 futures contracts are traded on the NYBOT while cotton futures contracts are traded on the NYMEX; both contracts have the same delivery dates. Source: USDA. Last updated May Additional InfoEstimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Cotton is a soft, fluffy natural fiber that grows in a boll around the seed of the cotton plant. The plant is a shrub grown in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Cotton fiber consists almost purely of cellulose, and it is heavily used in the textile industry. Cotton futures market track the price of cotton and trade on ICE. Cotton futures are great for traders or hedgers who want to gain exposure to the cotton market in an easy and cheap manner.

Production and use of cotton date back to ancient times — around 6, BC. It is thought that the first place the cotton plant was grown was in the Indus delta, in present-day Pakistan and India. The invention of the spinning machine and cotton gin during the industrial revolution brought a great boost in cotton production and the use of cotton in making cloths, vegetable oil, and linter.

As a very important commodity, cotton futures contracts are hugely traded on several commodity exchanges around the world. Cotton has become a very important part of our daily lives — from the moment you dry your face with a cotton towel in the morning to the time you retire to cotton-covered bed at night, you never cease from using cotton products. Its usefulness has made it one of the most-traded futures contracts in the commodity market.

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