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The fair trade products game can also be played by preschool students. This game is about answering the questions that the game makes by clicking on the corresponding squares; in some cases matching pictures with names and in other cases marking the ones you consider to be the correct answer to the question asked at the beginning of the game. And finally, a game that everyone was waiting for, here you can play our fantastic version of the classic Labyrinth Game, in its online version, interactive and Fair Trade, of course. The goal is very easy: find the Fair Trade store at the end of the road. You will have a time Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs. An excellent game that consists of filling in letters from blank boxes so that when read horizontally and/or vertically they form words related to Fair Trade and match the images or descriptions given. We will measure the time you need to solve it and the mistakes, try to get the best score. This is a great game to learn and have bundestagger.deted Reading Time: 2 mins. Fair Trade cities: This game allows us to work on fair trade with students from the 3rd grade of Primary Education, which already begin to locate cities on the map of Spain. In addition, through this game, we will be able to know which cities have received the title of city for fair bundestagger.deted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Our fair trade supplier Asha Handicrafts works with independent craftsmen and women in India, providing fair wages, advance payments where necessary, and support and advice to reach export markets. Asha Handicrafts is a not-for-profit organisation founded in partnership with Tearfund in Most years we visit Asha and the workshops where our games are made.

In , we made an extended visit to the workshops without any representative from our supplier, just using our own independent interpreter. We interviewed as many craftsmen as we could, asking them about pay, working conditions, health, and lifestyle. Although we had some concerns about dust and electrical safety, our visit greatly increased our confidence in the fair trade credentials of our suppliers.

Our concerns about electrical safety have been fully resolved, and dust levels are being reduced. You can read our detailed report about the visit here. For many products such as coffee, chocolate, and bananas, acceptable wages and conditions are stipulated and audited by organisations such as the Fairtrade Foundation, which then licenses use of the fair trade logo.

The wood is locally purchased sheesham wood from government managed plantations.

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Fair Trade products: This first game can be used from the last years of preschool to work on associations images-text , this way we can also expand vocabulary on food products and fair trade. Ethic Seals: second and third period of Primary School With this game we can work on fair trade concepts, such as ethic seals, and find out what each of them means. By means of an image-content association, the students will remember the meaning of each of these seals.

Countries that produce and import cooffee: third period of Primary School This game can be framed within the scope of work of the social sciences, since we reinforce the task of locating the countries of the world and this allows us to know, in turn, what is cultivated in each of them, as well as which countries import raw materials from others. Through this game we can also expand specific vocabulary import-export-produce basing this work on the fundamental concepts of fair trade.

Fair Trade characteristics: Third period of Primary School En This activity is aimed at the last years of primary school, since there are more complex concepts and vocabulary. The main goal of this game is that children learn to define and recognize which are the main characteristics of fair trade. Age: Primary Education period. The fair trade products game can also be played by preschool students.

This game is about answering the questions that the game makes by clicking on the corresponding squares; in some cases matching pictures with names and in other cases marking the ones you consider to be the correct answer to the question asked at the beginning of the game. You will have four attempts for each game, if you get everything right in the first attempt you will get points, we will also measure the time you need to solve it.

This is a great game to learn and have fun. Match each of these ethic seals with what it certifies.

fair trade games

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This is just what I need for my Rainbows to play at our fair trade tea party. Thank you. Pages Home Get in touch or follow Our Sunday Prayer Routine Prayer Stations by Children Family Lent Ideas Holy Week Activities Hands on Easter Story Creative Storytelling Things to do at home Creative Prayer Exploring Holy Communion 25 Advent Activities Interactive Intercessions Play Dough Mats Reflective Colouring Pages.

Tuesday, 4 March Fair Trade Game. This is fair trade fortnight and on Friday we are gong into some schools to teach the children about fair trade, linking it to to Jesus‘ message of freedom and good news for the poor and oppressed see Luke 4, where Jesus quotes Isaiah 61 and what Christians believe about behaving justly. As a fun way in to thinking about fair trade and ideas of fairness in general, here’s an easy game to play!

You will need: A game sheet per child, dice one per pair or 3 is good Click here to print off a sheet with 2 game sheets on it, as below. Posted by Mina Munns at Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Fair trade , games. Unknown 11 July at

fair trade games

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Before we stock a brand in the online store we must ensure the provenance of the toy meets our ethical toy standards. One of the brands we sell, Lanka Kade have been curating fair trade games and toys for over 25 years. This philosophy is at the heart of their business — Fair trade toy production underpins their entire business and their highly skilled artisans and their community are well rewarded for their beautiful craftmanship.

Lanka Kade are a proud member of BAFTS — The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers. For their in depth explanation of fair trade procedures, please click here. Another brand in our shop — Tender Leaf Toys, are accredited with the ICTI and strive to maintain ethically high standards throughout their organisation.

None of the brands in our shop are produced in generac factories in the far east where ethical standards and provenance of the materials cannot be vetted properly. First and foremost, we are a plastic free toy shop but how the toys are manufactured and where they come from is just as important. Fair Trade Games and Toys. The ten widely regarded practices for fair trade are:.

Create Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers Transparency and Accountability Fair Trading Practices Payment of a Fair Price Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour Commitment to Non-Discrimination, Gender Equality, Freedom of Association Ensuring Good Working Conditions Providing Capacity Building Promoting Fair Trade Respect for the Environment.

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This lists the logos of programs or partners of NG Education which have provided or contributed the content on this page. Divide the class into small groups and set up the game. Tell students that they will participate in a hypothetical trading game. Divide the class into five groups and assign each group one of the following countries: United Kingdom, China, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and Ghana.

List the following export s and their values on the board for reference during trading:. Introduce the objectives of the game. Explain to students that they can creatively market their products or combine products to end up with something more desirable. Conduct the first round of trading. Allow for ten minutes of open trading. Then announce the following:. Update the point system on the board to reflect the increase in points per unit for oil.

Conduct the second round of trading.

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Fair game retro video games sacramento’s best retro video. More fairtrade games videos. The string game fairtrade schools. Also try. A game exploring the trading relationship between rich and. Learn about global trading issues and the rights of the child. Suitable for year 6 upwards. English or spanish. Fairtrade activity pack fairtrade, activity pack, activities. Banana split game.

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At Fair Trade Campaigns, we are always looking for new ways to raise awareness about Fair Trade and provide resources to support our dedicated campaigners around the country. This new project combines both of these goals in one package. In conjunction with the education consulting firm Creative Change , we developed a set of four lessons plans that explore four different issue areas in relation to Fair Trade — global economics, gender equity, child labor, and environmental sustainability.

Fair Trade Schools is a recognition program for schools, grades K, demonstrating their commitment to Fair Trade. Through this program, we seek to engage future generations in making a difference through their purchases and understanding Fair Trade within larger global issues. In our globally connected world, the concepts of environmental and economic justice, as well as fair treatment of those less fortunate, are imperative for students to learn.

Interested in earning Fair Trade designation for your school? Learn more here. Each of the four lessons includes several activities, which can be completed individually or as a full, sequential lesson. These are differentiated lesson plans for grades , which are aligned with common core standards in English and Language Arts and are applicable for a variety of subject areas.

Teachers have used the lessons in subjects ranging from English and Social Studies, to Biology, Environmental Science, and Business. Interested in using these materials in your classroom?

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Primary School. This game consists of answering riddles by writing your answer in the available square below each riddle. There are four riddles that will show us products that can be Fair Trade. You will only have one attempt for each game, if you guess the four riddles you will get bundestagger.deted Reading Time: 50 secs. Learn about Fairtrade through play! Explore our activity packs, board games, team games and quizzes.

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