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This list shows companies that sell at least one fair trade certified tea. Not all teas sold by these companies are necessarily fair trade certified. We list brands of tea and individual teas for each brand. Some brands correspond to tea companies, but sometimes multiple brands are owned by a single company, and some companies . This gives a thorough information on fair trade tea companies, here History of Tea in China. Above all else, tea in China has a profound significance. Endless tea houses can be found there, offering a full menu of teas alongside snacks to compliment the drinks. 11/10/ · 8 Companies That Sell High Quality Fair Trade and Organic Teas Equal Exchange. All of the teas sold by Equal Exchange are certified Fair Trade, and even go a step beyond that by Little Red Cup Tea Company. A family-run business based in Brunswick, Maine, this tea company . This gives a thorough information on fair trade tea companies, here History of Tea in China. Above all else, tea in China has a profound significance. Endless tea houses can be found there, offering a full menu of teas alongside snacks to compliment the drinks.

In business, fair trade is a structured social movement and market-based system whose fundamentals lie in exchange of ideas, transparency, and respect aimed at promoting equity in international trade. Fairtrade plays an important role in the social and economic lives of people. For example, fair trade promotes sustainable development through enhanced trading conditions and ensures that marginalized manufacturers and workforce, especially from developing countries enjoy their rights.

Through fair trade, manufacturers and workers can sell their products at a higher price in addition to improved social and environmental standards. Under a fair trade system, developing countries get an opportunity to export goods such as coffee, bananas, tea, chocolate, gold, sugar, handicrafts, and flowers to developed countries thus promoting international trade. Today, there are so many fair trade organizations dedicated to the mission of promoting good business among various countries.

Together with consumers, these trade fair organizations engage in activities that raise trade awareness, support producers and change the manner of operation of conservative intercontinental trade. In most cases, the concept of fair trade goes past trading to ensure that justice prevails in international trade.

Besides, fair trade emphasizes the alteration of various operations and policies of conventional trade to promote equity in the business What is Fair Trade? The prime mission of fair trade is to promote sustainable development and enhance trading conditions. Nevertheless, the mission itself is not enough to ensure sustainable development and better trade conditions.

The goals of fair trade provide a solid foundation under which countries exchange ideas of international trade.

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Tea is one of the healthiest, most versatile drinks on the planet — whether hot or iced, black or green, chai or ooling, loose or bagged, it’s an herbal shot of antioxidants and cancer-fighters that you can enjoy all year with nothing but water. Make sure your daily cup comes from reliable sources, where the workers are paid and the conditions are safe, by choosing one of these Fair Trade blends for your next brew.

The team behind Blue Smoke Coffee’s organic, Fair Trade, and shade-grown roasts also offers loose teas grown and harvested with the same care and focus on social responsibility. Look for sweet, delicate flavors like jasmine green tea, peach black tea, blackberry black tea, and white peony white tea — and try the muscatel black tea, too, which is grown and produced on a biodynamic tea farm using sustainable farming practices. Since its founding in , The Republic of Tea has been encouraging tea drinkers to live a „Sip by Sip“ life — instead of a „Gulp by Gulp“ one — which includes steeping and enjoying the company’s varieties of black, green, herbal, oolong, and flavored teas.

Numi ’s organic, Fair Trade blends are packed with light florals and delicate flavors — white tea with Osmanthus flowers, white tea with rose petals, ginger lemon green tea, and black tea with vanilla take advantage of the natural antioxidants in flowers and plants to give your cup an added health boost. Along with following Fair Trade standards and sourcing organic tea and herbs, Numi makes a point of recycling its packaging products, and finessed its processing to be waste-free; its cardboard boxes are made from 85 percent recycled material, which the company says saves more than 5, trees each year.

Massachusetts-based Upton Tea Imports sells loose oolong, pu-erh, white, black, and green teas — including eight different Fair Trade selections that it describes in detail usually reserved for wine tastings. Heirloom tea flowers have a flavor that’s „surprisingly full, with notes of honey, caramel, and citrus;“ Makaibari Estate „yields a dark liquor Sarah Scarborough and Jodi Banks started Partners Tea Company in , and since then, they’ve traveled all over the world to source estate teas, one-of-a-kind blends, and Fair Trade leaves from growers in developing communities.

Now they sell their tins through Foodzie — an Etsy-type marketplace for gourmet food-lovers — where you can choose from blends of melon and jasmine, goji berries and green tea, and jasmine and rose.

fair trade tea companies

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As the world mobilizes to stop the spread of the COVID pandemic, many are being advised to „shelter in place“ and „social distance“ ourselves, which for many of us means extended time at home and being strategic about how we access our groceries and necessities. Meanwhile, small businesses are taking huge losses and struggling to stay afloat, leaving the workers in our supply chains who keep the engines running vulnerable, their jobs and health at high risk.

In a time like this, we must continue to make conscious choices to support fair trade as we shop for goods like coffee and tea, food, body care, and more, and in so doing, support small businesses and producers. Our hope is that through this crisis, we will emerge stronger and more connected as a global community. The fair trade businesses below have made commitments to the well-being of the workers in their supply chains, and now it’s our turn.

Order online. Shop small. Shop fair. Stay safe. Small Businesses to Get You Through Quarantine These small businesses have committed to the wellbeing of the people in their supply chains. Your support helps them stay in business and helps you make the most of your social distance. Fair Trade USA Staff.

fair trade tea companies

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Fair trade — a term that is touted around a lot — is the practice of paying producers in developing countries a fair price for their goods. In the past, goods bought in developing countries such as cocoa, tea, coffee, and spices, to name a few were bought at cheap prices; flown to developed countries; and packaged, branded, and sold to consumers at a whopping price, with buyers making huge profit margins.

These exploitative practices followed by certain companies have come to light as the world becomes smaller and smaller, connected as we are through technology and the internet. As more people become conscious of the ethical or exploitative, as the case may be practices of companies the world over, it seems natural that more people are switching to the brands of companies that their personal ethics align with.

It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers — especially in the global South. For many people — including myself — buying fair trade means that every day we can make a difference in the lives of people who work so hard to grow, nourish, and harvest the things we love.

Exploitative practices still exist in the world today, despite close scrutiny from organizations and the buying public. The only way we can stamp them out is by buying fair trade. In this post, I want to highlight some amazing fair trade tea and coffee brands that you need to switch to right away! Every thoughtful sip you take when you brew a pot or a cup using the following brands is a sustainable sip, meaning that you have helped improve the lives of the growers who painstakingly grew and tended to your tea.

The following brands of tea are easily available all year round. You can find them in your favorite supermarkets or online.

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Sustainable consumption and business has become the expectation rather than the exception. Fairtrade offers ready solutions for companies of all sizes to source and sell ethically and responsibly. Over 1. Recognition : Consumers know and trust Fairtrade — the most widely recognized ethical label in the world, with eight in ten consumers saying the mark has a positive impact on their perception of brands, according to GlobeScan research.

Sourcing models that meet your needs : Fairtrade offers different approaches that enable companies to make their supply chains sustainable and transparent. Stable business relationships with suppliers : Fairtrade fosters long-term trading partnerships, and empowers producers through training and support to increase quality and responsiveness to market trends. A smart choice, an ethical choice : Fairtrade provides tools for companies to tackle exploitative labour and the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources.

Exploiting farmers and workers in the pursuit of ever cheaper food and ever greater profit is ultimately unsustainable — consumers know this and are voting with their wallets. FLOCERT — a Germany-based, ISO accredited social enterprise — is the independent certifier for Fairtrade. FLOCERT offers resources and support to help your company become a Fairtrader.

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Katherine Martinko is an expert in sustainable living. She holds a degree in English Literature and History from the University of Toronto. Craving the perfect cup of tea on a chilly morning? Here are some companies with ethical business practices worth supporting. Whether you crave a cup of hot tea on a cold winter morning or a chilled glass on a warm summer day, it all starts with skilled workers on tea farms around the world.

By choosing a fair trade-certified tea, you can sip assured that the workers who grew, tended, picked, and processed those flavorful tea leaves were paid fairly for their labor. Here are some companies selling wonderful fair trade teas that to take the chill off these remaining winter days. All of the teas sold by Equal Exchange are certified Fair Trade, and even go a step beyond that by sourcing exclusively from small-scale farmers and smaller agricultural models, such as democratic co-ops, rather than the large plantations that are the norm in the tea industry.

Since the company’s main focus is on coffee and chocolate, the tea selection is small but high quality; it consists of black, green, rooibos, and a few basic herbals. A family-run business based in Brunswick, Maine, this tea company imports high quality tea from China that is certified organic and fair trade. This company sells tea, as well as herbs, spices, aromatherapy products, and more.

The company is also committed to Zero Waste, and since has gone from producing gallons of waste per month to gallons the average amount for a 2-person household. Nearly everything Firepot sells is organic, but not all of their teas are certified Fair Trade, so be sure to search specifically for that criteria, which includes loose leaf teas and pre-steeped concentrates.

Arbor Teas sells organic, fair trade tea in packaging that can be composted in your own backyard.

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Tea stands to be an incredibly diverse family of beverages enjoyed globally for a multitude of occasions. Alongside being pleasant to drink, with many options to fit the many tastes across the world, tea is known for its health benefits. Ancient uses of tea include medicinal and supplementation for health complaints. A reported benefit among tea drinkers is a marked decrease in illness. Of course, outside of the health benefits, tea has a longstanding tradition in many cultures with a variety of meanings and uses.

Many parts of the world incorporate tea daily, enjoyed with every meal. Noble folk traditionally drank tea as a sign of their importance, or during culturally significant ceremonies. Traveling to a country that is tea-centric can be more interesting by learning what blends of tea are enjoyed there, as well as culturally accepted ways of serving it. The complete list of tea influenced cultures are not included here, though many are.

Tea is common in many other areas of the world, benefitting the daily lives of people globally. For both health and ceremony, Canadian indigenous tribes have been enjoying tea for centuries.

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19/09/ · Clipper Teas. Clipper Teas is a company that is located in the United Kingdom. They were the U.K.’s first fair trade tea brand and lead the way in delicious organic fairly sourced tea. They also champion the unbleached tea bag; many people are unaware that tea bag paper is bleached to achieve that pearly white exterior. This list shows companies that sell at least one fair trade certified tea. Not all teas sold by these companies are necessarily fair trade certified. We list brands of tea and individual teas for each brand. Some brands correspond to tea companies, but sometimes multiple brands are owned by a single company, and some companies sell brands other.

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Please contact us at contact globalcitizen. From coffee to ice cream and chocolate to shoes, purchasing Fair Trade and ethically-sourced products has become easier as more products populate the shelves. As consumers become increasingly concerned with the environmental and social footprint of their purchase, more companies are investing in Fair Trade practices. Fair Trade ensures that farmers and workers receive fair, competitive wages, ensure safe working conditions, prevent forced or abusive child labor practices and promote environmentally-sustainable farming methods.

Additionally, Fair Trade assists in community development programs, like leadership programs and healthcare and finance programs, which helps the community to continue to grow and thrive over time.

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