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About Saburi Foods. We Rise By Lifting Others. We are considered as one of the leading companies in the field of importing foodstuff in UAE and our business is focused on Fruits & Vegetables. We also continue to diversify our wings into all major product categories in foodstuff trading. The company is specialized in importing, exporting and Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Qureshi FoodStuff Trading LLC (QFT) was incorporated on 23rd March of as a private Limited Co in Dubai UAE. QFT was found with the clear objectives to bring quality grains from Pakistan, attain and maintain perfection in consistent quality supply, in rice procurement, storage and rice processing from reputable Mills of Pakistan, aiming at customers complete satisfaction at all times. Shabistan Sayyad Foodstuff Trading LLC is one of the well known foodstuff trading companies in Dubai. We are known for importing products from the best sources . LIARD FOODSTUFF TRADING LLC: has been anchor of the international food stuff industry for in a short time situated on United Arab Emirates Our company deals in food stuff trading which mainly included Products are nuts,Dry fruits, spices, fresh Vegetable and dry fish imported as well as exported from and to various parts of the world and goods are sold within the country.

Foodstuff trading is in existence since ancient times. People have always loved spices, dry fruits, and other such food products grown in different parts of the world. And, it’s logical too. We cannot grow everything we need. It may sound weird at first but it’s true. Not all the climates support all types of crops.

For instance, spices require a hot, tropical environment to be grown. Dubai, being among the largest foodstuff consumers, hosts people from different parts of the world who love and live taste. This fact has given rise to the establishment of foodstuff trading companies in Dubai. If you are looking for one, you can reach us with your bulk foodstuff requirements. At SST, we import spices and dry fruits from local farmers belonging to several countries.

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With over 3 decades, we in the Food Division collaborate with food trading companies in Dubai and the UAE to offer a wide range of world-class food offerings. As one of the biggest general trading companies in Dubai, our aim is to provide a traditional flavor to the products we offer and bring a sense of being at home away from home. To accomplish this, each product we bring is tested and customized to the preferences of our customers to help us provide the best service we can and also recognize the changing tastes and preferences of the market today.

We have always believed in delivering products that reflect our commitment to quality. That is why we have allied with some of the most trusted foodstuff companies in Dubai and the world. Our partnership with industry-leading foodstuff trading companies in Dubai and outside of it allows us to combine quality with affordability.

Our motto of providing world-class quality products has empowered us to source high quality products from across the globe including Europe, New Zealand, Malaysia, and India. We are exclusive distributors for many brands in UAE and for the whole of GCC. We are actively involved in exporting to many countries. As a progressive organization, we are always looking to expand our horizon and have operations in Doha, Qatar as well.

foodstuff trading companies in dubai

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Our company was established in Baghdad in by the father of Mr. Abdulkarim Alwan. Before shifting our office to Dubai, we had our office in Jordan for 15years from where we used to ship goods to Iraq. Currently we are based in Dubai, UAE. Abdulkarim Alwan Foodstuff Trading is a Limited Liability Company registered in Dubai. The General Manager Mr. Abdulkarim Alwan is exclusively responsible for the Management in Dubai office.

The Head office of the company is located in Baghdad which is registered under the name of Wardat Al Sabah and managed by the family members of Mr. The Dubai office is entirely responsible for the purchases and finance while Baghdad office handles the Sales and Distribution. All goods purchased are mostly sent to Baghdad and sold in Iraq through our Baghdad office.

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foodstuff trading companies in dubai

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Dubai is a well-known international trading hub, with its ready availability of high-quality resources, robust infrastructure, connectivity and ease of doing business attracting a variety of business owners. Over the last few decades, many trading companies have set up shop in Dubai, engaged in import and export operations within the UAE and worldwide. Here is a list of the top trading companies in Dubai, along with the products and solutions they offer.

There is a wide range of companies trading all types of machinery and equipment in Dubai. Aetis is a public address and evacuation system supplier. Founded in France in , Aetis came to Dubai in to expand its reach into the Middle Eastern market. With its headquarters situated in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Gerab National Enterprise LLC provides integration and supply of pipes, fittings, flanges, stud bolts, valves and gaskets.

In addition to large-scale warehousing, Gerab also provides customised machining solutions to its clients. Over 40 years of operations, the company has expanded its footprint and reach to serve clients in 50 countries. Provision LLC provides supply chain solutions for the hospitality industry. Formed in , Nice Two Kitchens and Refrigeration LLC supplies a range of professional kitchen and laundry equipment.

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Dubai Sk is one of the leading food-trading companies in the UAE and recently in Europe, committed to provide a wide range of premium quality products to businesses engaged in Hotels, Restaurants and Catering sector. Dubai SK understand the requirements of clients providing them with the highest level of services by delivering top quality food stuffs of top quality brand products at affordable rates.

Our operations at Olivetti includes supplying, by contracts, fresh or canned foodstuff to other entities for direct consumption or for industrial use. Import and export several kinds of canned food, Manufacture and trade all kinds of coffee. About Us. Our Services. Foodstuff Supply Our operations at Olivetti includes supplying, by contracts, fresh or canned foodstuff to other entities for direct consumption or for industrial use.

Our Products Import and export several kinds of canned food, Manufacture and trade all kinds of coffee. Canned Food. Pomegranate Syrup. Sunflower Oil. Tomato Paste. Olive Oil. Contact Info Email: info dubaisk.

foodstuff trading companies in dubai

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Foodstuff LLC trading will all approvals, custom code, and DM approvals. Office in prime location in Dubai with promising business output with no liabilities. Only serious buyers. Do you have a Business for sale? Download Android app to enjoy ad free experience APP DOWNLOAD. For a better experience please change your browser to CHROME, FIREFOX, OPERA or Internet Explorer.

Home Post Ad Packages Profile Blog Contact Us. Businesses for sale. Yazan Shalab June 30, Views Click To View -Not verified. Description Location Map. Foodstuff LLC trading Company for sale in Dubai 49, Spam Offensive Duplicated Fake.

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Acquired by The Global Partners UAE in , Switch Foodstuff Trading had already gained over 30 years of experience in the wholesale food distribution market and established itself as the largest wholesale operation in the UAE. With its total warehouse capacity of 7, MT and locations in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al-Khaymah, positioned Switch Foodstuff to quickly expand into other segments of the food distribution market that are served by the company’s following sales divisions:.

Encompasses all retail outlets across the United Arab Emirates. Focusing not only on the major retail chains and hypermarkets, but across all trade channels. Wholesale market claims a respectable share of the overall business in the UAE. Wholesalers have their own network of re-distribution and their own unique product requirements that differ from our Retail customers and are catered to by a dedicated team that addresses the specific needs of this sector.

Caters to the specific needs of the food service sector, which includes all classes of hotels, fine dining restaurants and catering companies. Our specialized food service team work closely with our customers‘ chefs and decision makers to understand their needs and meet their demands, both in terms of quality and delivery deadlines.

Food service relies heavily on quality, service and innovative products, which will help the chef accomplish best values with increased quality. With a view to reach every nook and corner of UAE, our fleet and staff of direct distribution will ensure that our products are available even in the remotest corners of the country.

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Welcome to Tamara Foodstuff Trading Tamara Foodstuff Trading has been established in a fast dynamic developing city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It develops local food items with high premium quality and registered trademark. KMC Food Stuff Trading LLC. Import & Export Company is providing services to various international companies from Al Aweer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our export–import services team examines the latest regulations frequently in order to minimize paperwork, expedite transit, and lower shipping costs.

We are a well known name in the field of Spices, Dry Fruits, Sugar and Rice Etc,. Due to our hard efforts and maintained constant quality, this has become the most popular brand in all the African countries as well as we got a very good response from other countries. Our Objective is to be a reliable supplier in the sourcing of spices, dry fruits, sugar, pulses and beverages, offering our clients the best products, assuring quality at competitive prices.

Our Vision is to develop a loyal relationship with our consumers, encouraging respect and commitment with our clients…. The Company has grown successfully in Present. The Company is holding strong sourcing capabilities from all over the world for ex: USA, BRAZIL, VIETNAM, INDIA, etc. We have logistics and material handling systems from these two warehouses. These two warehouses which also have a cold storage capacity for storing dry fruits, spices, etc.

The quality of Shabistan Sayyad FOODSTUFF Trading SST is continuously improving, searching, setting and achieving new targets to meet customer satisfaction. Our reputation is built on customer care and high quality products. Shabistan Sayyad Foodstuff Trading looks forward to developing strong partnership with customers who demand the highest quality obtainable and insist on continuous improvement.

This strategy has allowed us to achieve long-term commitments with our worldwide partners. This commitment is based on the price and hard work we put on every product we deliver.

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