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03/03/ · The auction platform has a well-known, reputable infrastructure. If you choose to trade domains through eBay, you can access the same features you already know from other products. There are also other sites that you can use specifically to buy and sell domains. Platforms like Sedo or Flippa provide marketplaces where you can advertise your domain. If you are also interested in the buying side of domain trading, Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. The auction platform has a well-known, reputable infrastructure. If you choose to trade domains through eBay, you can access the same features you already know from other products. There are also other sites that you can use specifically to buy and sell domains. Platforms like Sedo or Flippa provide marketplaces where you can advertise your domain. If you are also interested in the buying side of domain trading, Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. 13/07/ · Note that your domain name must follow USPTO rules. For example, you can’t use generic words in your trademarked domain name. The domain should function as a „source indicator.“ It must convey to whoever sees the URL what products or services are behind the name. Reasons to Trademark Your Domain NameEstimated Reading Time: 5 mins. 13/10/ · However, it takes most people month if not years to sell their domain portfolio. So if you decide to trade domain names, be patient! Strategies to making money with domain names. One famous strategy is anticipating which domain names are likely become popular in the future. One example could be buying ‘’ and then offering it for sale prior to the .

Trademarks are your primary identifying feature when conducting business. A trademark could be a logo or a phrase, but whatever it is, it is uniquely yours. No one else can make use of your trademark under penalty of law. A domain name is your location online. This is a web address where visitors can see everything your business has to offer. It is the center of your online presence. Both can only be registered for a limited amount of time.

Trademarks expire after ten years unless you choose to renew them for another ten years. Meanwhile, domain names last for an amount of time agreed upon between the registrant and the registrar and are also subject to renewal. It’s always a good idea to think about your trademark before you purchase a domain name. To secure a trademark, you’ll have to make a filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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You are a trademark owner, and you find that someone else has registered a domain name identical or confusingly similar to your trademark? What are your options to buy the domain name or to start a domain name dispute? These domains include the following domains:. Under the UDRP policy, trademark-based domain name disputes must be resolved either by agreement between the parties, by court action or by arbitration, before a registrar can cancel, suspend or transfer the domain name.

In case of an — allegedly — abusive registration of a domain name for instance, a case of cybersquatting , the holder of the trademark may file a complaint with an approved dispute-resolution service provider this is a special arbitration centre, approved by ICANN [1]. In other cases for instance, there is no abusive registration or some other requirements of the UDRP are not satisfied , a court action or an amicable settlement will be a more proper way to settle the domain name dispute.

When deciding the case on an allegedly abusive registration of a domain name, the dispute-resolution service provider must follow the UDRP rules that are backed by ICANN. You can find a full copy of the UDRP rules here. Note that each dispute-resolution service provider may supplement the ICANN UDRP rules with its own rules.

An UDRP arbitration procedure for domain name disputes is generally preferred over a regular court case, because of the speed and effectiveness of the UDRP procedure. Also, the costs related to an UDRP procedure are relatively low. However, note that not all complaints will be successful in a UDRP procedure, and that in some cases, a regular court procedure or an amicable settlement may be the preferred method to obtain a transfer or cancellation of a disputed domain name see below.

Under the UDRP rules, an independent arbitrator will decide on the domain name dispute.

how to trade domain names

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If you own the trademark registration for a particular term or phrase, you might feel that you also have the rights to the corresponding domain name. COM, right? In many cases you might not have any claim at all to a top-level domain if you do not already own it. Your rights will vary depending on the specifics of the case, but unless someone registered the domain after you received your trademark registration, you might be out of luck.

When you get a trademark registration, you are ordinarily given trademark rights within a specific class of goods or services. The same kind of logic applies to the ownership of domain names in regards to trademark law. COM in connection with computer software goods or services. COM domain? What if the website is merely inactive, with just a generic landing page or a holding page? Since no one is actively using the domain, it might seem as though you have a claim to it.

how to trade domain names

Wie funktioniert bitcoin billionaire

If you choose the right domain name, it can be worth a lot of money. If you own a domain that others are keen to claim, you could even make a fortune with it. But how? What do you need to do to sell a domain? Register a domain name. If you want to be successful in domain trading, you must first find out what certain domains are worth.

The first indication of domain value can be found in the URL. The well-known top-level domains like. Short succinct domains are also better than longer, multi-word domains. Domains which consist of multiple parts and contain unusual words in particular, are the least likely to be sold and fetch very low prices. Domains are also traded as SEO aspects.

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I want to transfer my domain instead. The most popular and professional extension for any kind of website. Grow your network, and your business, with a. Brand your site as an organization for greater good. Get personal. Show off what you’re all about to your visitors. Rep your company with a domain that’s globally recognized and memorable. Since , we’ve been focused on helping customers find the best domain name as the building block of their online presence.

A domain name is just the beginning. We’ll help you host, design, and manage your site. We’ll even build it for you, if you’d like. We integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WebsiteBuilder, and SiteLock, to name a few.

how to trade domain names

Www wertpapier forum

In addition to these brand features, many modern businesses have brand names which are also internet domain names. However, including domain names in trade mark applications can create issues as you apply for registration. Often, trade marks containing domain names will require extra steps for verification by the national intellectual property regulator, IP Australia. This article sets out the benefits and process of registering trade marks containing internet domain names.

It may benefit your online business to use your internet domain name as your operating business name. For example, this shows customers the origins of your goods or services and where to find you online. However, while your domain name is unique to your business and brand, this alone will not protect your business. Therefore, when you are setting up your internet domain , you should also be preparing to register it as a trade mark.

Overall, a trade mark gives you exclusive rights to use your business name or logo in your industry. Trade mark registration also allows you to take action to stop others using similar trade marks within your industry. A trade mark is also a badge of origin, providing consumers an assurance of quality about your good or service.

This is the case even for websites. There are many popular and recognisable trade marks that include internet domain names. Generally, after you apply for a trade mark containing an internet domain name, the trade mark examiner will cross check the applicant with the domain name owner the authorised user.

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Home » How to Trademark a Domain Name. How to Trademark a Domain Name is part of our How to Trademark series. It is possible to trademark a domain name if the domain name is used as a trademark. In other words, if the trademark used on the website or on the goods includes the. Patent and Trademark Office USPTO. As stated above, a domain name can be registered if the domain name is being used as the trademark.

If the domain name is only being used as URL and not anywhere on the page, then the use should be changed or alternately you can file an intent to use application for the domain name. Domain names that clear each of these hurdles may be eligible for trademark protection with the USPTO. Once your trademark is registered, you can exclude others from using similar or misspelled names that may cause confusion among consumers e.

Some website owners forego trademark registration because they believe registering a domain alone grants them trademark rights. This is not the case. Only using a domain name in commerce or filing an intent to use application will grant trademark rights in a domain name.

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Your perfect domain name is waiting. With hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, finding an address that fits your business is easier than ever. Connect with potential trading partners with your website. * Product disclaimers and legal policies. 17/08/ · How To Quickly Raise the Price of a Domain or Website. One way to make good profits from a domain is to buy one, do some work to improve it and flip it. This works better than trying to create new sites and sell them, because when working on an existing domain with traffic, your efforts can leverage the work invested so far by the previous owner.

Trademarks and domain names can be, but are not necessarily, complementary. A domain name can function as a trademark if used as a brand, e. So, owning a domain name does not necessarily give the owner trademark rights in the terms comprising the domain name. Domain names are frequently a source of trademark-related conflicts, though. Registration and use of a domain name in a way that is likely to create consumer confusion with a mark owned by a third party is quite common, and can be addressed in a couple of ways for most generic top-level domain names, like.

First, the trademark owner could file a lawsuit in federal or state court. All registrants of generic top-level domains agree to UDRP proceedings as a condition of registration. Protect Your Brand. Free Trademark Search Instant Results and Analysis. What Jurisdictions Are Available for Searching?

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